When our mayor Mr. Tory began to announce closures across Toronto, COVID suddenly felt extremely real. It seemed like all of the perks of city life were being withdrawn and the population density that supported all the city’s great offerings had become a massive liability. Our condos felt too small, our neighbours seemed too close and we began yearning for land and air.

Of course, nothing is entirely simple and, while country living certainly has some great perks, it might be hasty to bid the big city farewell just yet.

Our province boasts a beautiful landscape, that’s true. Just get in your car and drive a few hours in any direction (well, not into the lake!) and you’ll find Ontario’s answer to city life wrapped up in a spectacular view. Country living offers so many plus sides—from affordable properties with lots of leg-room to a slower pace of life. Maybe your ambition is to grow your own food or just eat food that’s locally grown by your neighbours. Perhaps waterfront living is your dream, complete with dock and fish. For some, country life is the perfect Plan B, but the key is to go into it with your eyes open. There are wells and septic tanks to contend with. Roads shut down in the winter. Food delivery (maybe just a priority for me!) is limited. Unless you can report to your office online or you’re financially and emotionally prepared to go job-free or launch a local business, the commute to the city can quickly become tedious. And, while the fresh air and relaxing rhythm of life might be great, remember that rural grocery stores can be a hike, healthcare systems strained and under-equipped and, unless you bring your own support system, sometimes country life can feel a little isolating.

It’s true, in the era of COVID, city living can feel a bit strained, but if you love what city living offers—a bustling pace, a robust internet connection, cultural diversity, and access to a plethora of amenities from restaurants to healthcare—investing in Toronto is still a great option. And if country life is still calling, considering a long-term rental before going all in is a great way to get a sense of the landscape and, ultimately, whether it’s the right fit!

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