There are three key areas of real estate that I focus on—buying and selling properties and executive/corporate residential relocation. Buying and selling properties can be complicated or it can be straightforward. Sometimes it depends on the climate of the market and more often than not, each transaction has its own unique set of circumstances to manage. Getting a handle on the steps involved at each stage of the process is the best approach for positioning yourself for success.

This is why we developed these Buyer and Seller Guides to prepare our clients with quick info outlining the critical steps on your real estate journey, plus some insider tips that will give you a strategic edge while navigating the property market. These steps are, of course, simplified to avoid making you read a novel, but these guides provide a great framework to get started!


Frequently, one of the largest investments someone will make in their lifetime is buying real estate. This is an exciting and fulfilling experience, but it can also be somewhat daunting as it’s not something that the average person does every day! Whether you’re just starting out in the market or you’re looking for a refresher, our clear and insightful buyers’ guide runs through all the steps involved in this process. Inside, you’ll find information on how to get started, including details on obtaining a pre-approval, how to define your search criteria, and approaches for reviewing properties. The second section delves into what to do once you’ve found your favourite property, from reviewing comparables, to deciding on a purchase price, to making an offer. The next part talks about what comes after the offer—from the deposit cheque to navigating conditions (a rarity these days!) to planning closing visits. Finally, you’ll check out some of our insider tips that you can use to position yourself for success with your property purchase process. And don’t worry, it may seem overwhelming, but I’ll be there every step of the way!

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The key to selling a property is frequently the sellers themselves! Without this knowledge and insight, a listing can be a mystery to buyers. Positioning and history is key to letting the world know what you have to offer with this property. Remember, you only need one buyer (but let’s aim for multiple!). Getting started with listing your property begins with the property walk through and a discussion of the background and considerations about the sale and the home, before working out your selling strategy. Next, the guide gets into the listing process—seven steps to getting your listing up and running, as well as guidance on the timelines you set for the sale. Next we get into the all-important offer—from deposit to conditions and everything in-between as well as what happens after an offer is made. This sellers’ guide also includes strategic tips that you can use to promote a successful outcome in the process of selling your property!

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Executive Residential Relocation

With a corporate background in commercial real estate, I have maintained a robust connection to the commercial world. Former colleagues working with Fortune 500 companies frequently request my help in sourcing short and long term accommodations in Toronto for top executives and other employees. Given that these executives are from out of province, country and even continent, my job is to make their transition to a new home as smooth and comfortable a process as possible. Executives relocating from outside of Toronto typically don’t have insight into which neighbourhoods will suit their lifestyle, looking to me to be both guide and matchmaker. The executive relocation process really begins with understanding who the client is, what they like to do, the location of their new office, and what’s important to them. Armed with this information, I can use my intimate knowledge of the subtle intricacies of Toronto neighbourhoods to narrow down appropriate locations and steer them towards their ideal home base.
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