About Me

I began my real estate career in the commercial sector, working with top Fortune 500 companies on a global scale. This time and experience proved invaluable as I learned to thrive in a sphere that required fast thinking, strategic manoeuvring and a highly competitive approach. What it lacked was one of the components of the industry that I value the most—the opportunity to establish a real connection with my clients.

In 2014, I made the leap to residential real estate, handing in my business suit for a softer, more personal approach. My priorities were, and still are, very simple—building long lasting, genuine relationships by ensuring satisfied, happy clients.

I meet this commitment to my clients by fulfilling my role with sincerity and authenticity, maintaining a strict pulse on the market and a promise to always be responsive, reliable, up front and in my clients’ corner every step of the way. I’ve found that a healthy dose of empathy and patience is also an asset while guiding my clients towards their real estate goals.

I’ve lived in the great city of Toronto for the last 10 years and am a proud investor, landlord, owner and agent. Working from these diverse perspectives, with all people, neighbourhoods and properties puts me in a strong position to see things from a variety of views. My focus is on helping clients—both past and present—navigate the purchase and sale of condominiums and townhouses along with executive/corporate relocations in the 416 and the 905.

My goals are clear: I work tirelessly for my clients, seven days a week, endless hours a day, to help them achieve their biggest dreams and I do it incredibly well—with a smile on my face and a tea in my hand!

It’s essential that my clients are thoroughly informed, protected and in-the-know about every relevant nuance of the markets we’re working in.

I believe that all of my best relationships begin with trust…and a little bit of humour.